The population of Bulgaria will decrease to 3.8 mln people over the next 83 years, predicts a United Nations report on global demographics.

According to the National Statistics Institute last year 7.1 mln people lived in Bulgaria.

According to the forecast of the UN in 2100 the population will be only 3.8 million.

In 2030 the population will melt to 6.4 mln., And in 2050 – to 5.4 million.

Bulgaria falls in the list of 51 countries with a shrinking population, along with Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Romania.

The report states that Europe’s population is aging rapidly and birth rates in European countries are below the necessary renewal of generations. To reverse this trend, experts estimate that the average European woman must give birth to 1.6 children. For Bulgaria this indicator is 1.5.

Amid decreasing population, in countries like India, China and Nigeria number of residents is growing every year, says the report of the United Nations.

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