The countries of the West are themselves to blame for the growth of Russian influence in the Balkans. This opinion was expressed on Thursday by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.

“All European countries sit at once on five chairs, first they look at what America will say, then China, India, Africa, the Islamic world, Latin America.” We also do not want to lose a single friend,” Dacic said, noting that he does not accept claims of some countries about the growth of Russian influence in the Balkan region, “because they are themselves to blame.”

“I asked the American administration whether they remember who was the last American president to visit Serbia, whether there are any living people who remember this, I myself find it difficult to answer this question.” The last of the British PMs who visited Serbia was Margaret Thatcher. Why do we want to have “love at a distance”, when it does not work anywhere, including in politics,” said Dacic.

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