France: Workers torch tyres at GM&S plant in anger at lack of progress



Protesting workers at the GM&S factory in La Souteraine set tyres ablaze on Wednesday in an ongoing protest over the liquidation of the plant.

GM&S workers say that no progress had been made over negotiations of severance pay, despite their efforts to draw attention to the issue.

SOT, Franck, GM&S worker and CGT union representative (French): “We feel like it’s a mess. Today, we expected real progress in our case. We realise that unfortunately they continue in their opposition. We take a step forward and make two back. What is their strategy? Do they want the death of the site?”

SOT, Franck, GM&S worker and CGT union representative (French): “This is bad news. We will continue to fight and we will not give up. We will look for money if it is necessary because it is out of question to leave employees outside without giving them anything. We have made too many sacrifices to lose everything now.”

SOT, Franck, GM&S worker, CGT union representative (French): “They [The government] will have GM&S in front of them, a great wage movement. We may be the first one since Macron era, but we will not give up, that is sure.”


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