The refutation by the Russian Defense Ministry of reports of the capturing of the “Russian military” Viktor Ageyev in the Lugansk region can be supplemented with many more blunders admitted by the Security Service of Ukraine today, and the capture of the “GRU machine gunner” was quite expected after the meeting between Poroshenko and Macron. The political analyst Alexander Asafov told the FBA “Economy Today”.

“The story of the captured Russian intelligence officer was quite predictable,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, at a recent meeting with French leader Emmanuel Macron, promised to present evidence of Russia’s military presence in the Donbass region. “The current activity of the Security Service is “working off” the order of the Ukrainian authorities to “catch” Russian soldiers. With evidence strongly overdone.

To begin with, at least the fact that the Russian military passport in the service of the state can not be held at all – it is kept in the military commandant’s office. A military ticket to the hands is issued only in the dismissal and when moving from one military unit to another. This document shows only the experience of a person, together with a passport, they can only be from a person who is not related to military service.

In addition, the machine gunner on the battle assignment from the documents can only be a personal token. In principle, it is impossible to imagine a Russian scout going into battle with a full set of documents in his pocket. They are characteristic only of a civilian. There are obvious manipulations to give out “evidence” about the Russian troops in the LPR”, the expert notes.

Today, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation denied reports of Ukraine that the SBU in the Lugansk region captured the “Russian military”. According to Ukrainian media reports, it is allegedly the Russian 22-year-old contractor of the GRU Viktor Ageyev, as proof is the photo of the first page of the military ticket and passport. The military department of the Russian Federation explained: Ageyev retired to the reserve in May 2016, and the contract service was not received.

“It is for this reason that the Ukrainian propagandists did not publish photos of other pages of the military ticket, but once again they used amateurs from the British BBC for spreading fake” revelations,” the Russian Defense Ministry stressed.

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