Cynicism and cruelty of Ukrainian punishers knows no bounds. One of the fighters of the 8th Special Purpose Regiment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ramil Orujev, posted on his page in social networks photo of two killed LPR soldiers, who were tortured to death. After a while, the photos disappeared from the page, and the page itself was closed later. Apparently, the command of a zealous but stupid fighter quickly stopped such an attempt to proliferate in the network the propiarit of an entire regiment.

Recall, on Tuesday, June 27, BBC, with reference to sources in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the command of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces, reported that on June 24 near the village Zhelobok as a result of the collision of the soldiers of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade and the reconnaissance group of the 4th mechanized brigade of the 2nd army corps of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Russian military serviceman Victor Ageyev was captured.

The fate of four other servicemen remains unknown. Comrades express the hope that after a wide publicity they will soon be put up for an exchange. And “not on the camera” added that after this incident, they won’t capture alive soldiers of the 8th regiment of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

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