The Federal Office for Information Security of Germany believes that the last large-scale cyber attack took place from the territory of Ukraine. This is stated in a statement of the department on June 28.

“The source and main direction of cyberattacks, apparently, are in Ukraine, although the attack has led to consequences on a global scale. According to reports, malware was distributed through the update function through the widespread in Ukraine program for reporting MeDoc. BSI considers this thesis plausible,” the ministry said.

In Germany, it was noted that the wave of attacks that hit the information systems of many companies and organizations around the world continues.

“In some cases, the attack led to significant consequences in the field of production and to the disruption of critical business processes of affected enterprises,” German experts said, adding that German companies are among the victims.

“BSI is in contact with them, but due to confidentiality, the agency does not provide data on them,” the statement said.

Earlier, an adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko said that the cyber attack was organized by the Russian special services. Another Avakov adviser Zoryan Shkiryak later reported that the Russian cyberattack had been repulsed.

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