Washington’s statements on the alleged preparations for a chemical attack by Damascus could indicate US machinations on carrying out a strike against Syrian troops, Head of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament) International Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev said on Tuesday.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer earlier said in a statement that there are “potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack” in Syria by the authorities in Damascus.

According to Kosachev, such statements made by the White House “are particularly frightening in terms of Washington’s own plans.”

In his view, “the US can be aware of plans for another chemical weapons attack (as well as of the fact that it will by no means be carried out by Damascus), but in that case, that would untie the terrorists’ hands, because the culprits have been named in advance. America could also be preparing its own preemptive strike against Syrian troops and play on the issue that has already been promoted globally, and so, any preventive actions will be justified.”

Kosachev noted that “the White House press secretary’s blatant demagoguery regarding the imminent civilian deaths, including innocent children, as a result of the allegedly planned chemical attacks by Damascus” speaks volumes in favor of this version.

According to the senator, “Washington comes across as extremely reprehensible,” as far as the whole story is concerned. “It can be aware of the upcoming attack and is not trying to prevent it, but pin the blame for it on the Syrian leader in advance. It could also be that the US is trying to hoodwink the global public with another ‘test tube containing some white powder’ to justify its own acts of aggression,” Kosachev concluded.

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