Ukraine has been affected by massive cyberattacks targeting a number of banks and companies, as well as the Ukrainian capital’s largest airport. Computers are also reportedly offline in the government building.

“Our network seems to be down, too, in case you wondered! This picture is on all of the Cabinet computer screens,” the country’s vice prime minister, Pavel Rozenko, posted on Facebook, along with a picture of a computer starting up after an apparent error.

“Computers aren’t functioning in the government building,” the Kiev authorities told Interfax-Ukraine news agency. Security forces said that the intelligence services are looking into the cyberattacks.

Banks and other financial institutions have been warned about the attack, the Ukrainian National Bank said.

The CEO of TV and radio company Lux has said that Channel 24 has been hit by the attack, with part of its computer equipment affected.

A blackmail virus was allegedly used in the attack. There is a screenshot posted on the media company’s website, with an offer to send $300 in bitcoin to a certain address.

The Nova Poshta (New Mail) delivery and logistics company said in a Facebook statement it had been affected by a virus named Petya.A.

Borispol and Kiev airports have suffered damage to their local computer networks, and the arrival and departure displays on the Borispol website are offline. Air navigation systems are working without delays, however, and planes are arriving and departing on time, airport officials said.

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