The US administration warned that preparations for a new chemical attack are being observed in Syria and that “Assad will pay a high price for this.”

I think it’s about the preparation of a real crime by terrorists at the American service. There are many terrorists there – but at the same time they are suffering a very serious military disaster. They are beaten skillfully and diversely, and they, of course, are strongly demoralized by this. To raise the fighting spirit, they need at least some success in their noble cannibalistic deed.

Therefore, I believe, most likely, there will indeed be some mass murder, which they can be proud of, and which in the end will be used as an excuse for another blow to those who dared not listen to the Americans.

I also think that the matter will not be limited by American stories about the evil Assad, but with real attempt to murder someone.

It is worth noting that precedents have already existed. I remember that there were quite a lot of “chemical” strikes made by these same bandits in the first phase of the war – automatically attributed to the Armed Forces of Syria. These attacks served as an excuse for Obama’s statements about the “red line”, which the criminal regime of the bloody tyrant Assad is about to pass. Then it was possible to prevent direct intervention of Americans due to the fact that Russia managed to convince Syria to completely abandon the existing reserves and means of production of chemical weapons.

By the way, what’s amusing: in 2013, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded not to the President of the Russian Federation, Putin and not to the Foreign Minister Lavrov, but to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which played a purely technical role in exporting this very chemical weapons from Syria. But this is understandable: in fact, why should someone give the same Nobel Peace Prize to people who really did something for the world.

But still – then it really helped, because the US inspectors to some extent participated in the verification of the thoroughness of the cleansing of Syria from the chemical weapons and Obama was uncomfortable again to blame Syria for applying it.

But, as you know, one of the fundamental values of the American system of government is that each new administration has the right to consider itself not bound by the decisions of the previous administration. Accordingly, President Trump can simply forget that President Obama saw the chemical disarmament of Syria as his personal achievement, and pretend that Syria still has reserves.

So, undoubtedly, in the very near future the White Helmets organization will not be able to remove illiterate staging sketches on “what would happen if chemical weapons were used” and come to a place where it really will be used by the sponsors of this organization.

It is clear, of course, that no sane leader after receiving such “warnings” will not commit any chemical attack – even if he has such an opportunity.

But when the attack occurs, of course, no one will argue on the subject of Assad’s sanity. Since those who are involved in this crime are not so sane that they can talk about the sanity of others.

As it is known to any modern liberal, the bloody tyrant Stalin has destroyed fifteen hundred million people simply because he is a bloody tyrant. As is known to any liberal, Tsar Ivan the Terrible pursued the best of his generals, such as Prince Kurbsky, not for the fact that this prince contrived to steal most of the stocks prepared for the military campaign, but only because he urgently wanted to kill one of his friends, in order to demonstrate to everyone his bloodiness.

Similarly, any self-respecting and, accordingly, not respecting others, liberal is sure that Assad will massacre his fellow citizens only because he is a bloody tyrant and fights against terrorists, let’s say, solely because they rob him of potential victims.

Therefore, no reasonable, from our point of view, justification for the persistent villainy of the Syrian state will not be required.

In general, I must remind you that most of the Hollywood movies about the struggle of some superman with a super-human comes from the fact that the villain creates his own affairs simply because he is the embodiment of evil. And if in detective films there is still a principle known from Roman times “who benefits, he did it,” then in the films about superheroes and speeches about the motives do not go.

And I see no reason why people brought up on such films would start to think about the real motives of real crimes.

They do not even think about the fact that America itself creates its crimes only because it is profitable for it.

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