According to a press release issued by the European Commission, Croatia has joined the Schengen Information System as part of the process to enter the Schengen area.

Croatia has joined the Schengen Information System (SIS) on Tuesday as part of the process of entering the Schengen area, the European Commission said in a press release.

“Croatia will now be able to exchange information with other Member States through SIS on persons wanted in relation to terrorism and other serious crimes, missing persons and certain objects such as stolen vehicles, firearms and identity documents,” the statement said.

SIS is an information system created in the framework of external border control and law enforcement cooperation in the Schengen states. The system not only provides information about a particular person or object, but also gives instructions on what to do with the found individual or object.

As of now, SIS is fully operating in 22 of 28 EU member states, both with those in adherence to the Schengen agreement, as well as non-Schengen countries such as the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Romania.

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