London, United Kingdom. As Brexit negotiations start, Theresa May will today lay out details of her proposals to offer EU nationals rights to remain in the UK after Brexit. Currently there is much speculation, with little facts, but here is what News Front London does know.

May has said that those already legally in the country will be offered a new “settled status” if they remain in Britain for five years in outline plans that were dismissed as inadequate by Europe last week.Full details will be spelled out in a 15-page document to be published today.

Fellow conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith told reporters that Mrs May’s offer for some 3.2 million Europeans in the UK was “wholly reasonable” and “a very good start” for talks. What she’s put on the table I think is wholly reasonable and actually reasonably generous. If you’ve been here, if you’ve been resident for five years, you will be treated like a British citizen you will have all the same rights and privileges.

There have been many questions over the rights of the 3.2 million European nationals in the UK – and British citizens living in Europe have proved to be one of the early stumbling blocs for withdrawal talks.

PM May had previously said she plans to offer those who have already lived in the country for five years the “settled status” which will offer them equal access healthcare, education, welfare and pensions. Others who have moved to the UK before its official withdrawal would be given the chance to stay until they reach the five-year threshold.

How it is expected inside the EU itself, is British proposals are contingent on British citizens in the continent being offered equivalent rights. Brexit Secretary David Davis has insisted that the settlement would offer them “effectively” the same rights as Britons.

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