Kiev ceasefire violation and military corruption

Donetsk, DNR. As Kiev-American backed forces continue to shell the people of the Donbass, important news follows of the damage and Ukrainian Army corruption with a twist in the “ATO” zone. Reports from Eduard Basurin, Pavel Semchuk and David Simpson in Donetsk.

From Eduard Basurin, in the past hours, Ukraine has violated the ceasefire nine times. In the area of three localities, the enemy fired six 82-mm and 120-Calibre 120-mm calibre weapons and the use of BMPs, Rocket-propelled grenades and small arms.

Mainly in the direction of Mariupol, Rocket-propelled grenades and small arms were used by Kiev-US backed forces against the Donetsk Army. At Gorlovka they were firing grenade launchers and small arms also in the vicinity Zaitsevo city.
All data on violations of minsk agreements were handed over the osce and other monitoring officials for Donbass.

DNR intelligence is documenting the theft by high-level command officials in the Ukrainian Army in their occupied area of operations.. The scheme of the command is assisted with the direct involvement of brigade commanders in the ATO area and high-level logistics officers in the rear, with the gear.

In particular, under the personal supervision of Kombrigov, in June 2017 The Write-off is planned for:

28 men – about one million uah;
57 ompbr – more than three and a half million uah;
17 ompb – almost 17 thousand uah;
56 ompbr – about 56 thousand uah;
40 oabr – four and a half thousand uah.

Most of the equipment is being implemented at substantially subsidized prices. The other part of the actual damaged equipment is scrapped. It also records the sale to civilians of parts allegedly destroyed by motor vehicles. Thus, the revenue of officials with corrupt schemes reaches millions of hryvnias. The operational readiness of the parts of the “ATO” area has been significantly undermined. Which is certainly good news to the Donbass freedom fighters.

In view of the increasing number of cases of military corruption, the 57th ompbr have become sloppy in their activity, with all in the circle of knowledge. Our intelligence has recorded the loss of classified documents in the 57th ompbr, which established the organization and the movement of prohibited weapons into the ato area, its size and composition as well as the purpose of its transfer.

Which could lead to the discovery of the location ordered by command for the movement of equipment and subsequent plans for its application. In particular, by order of the commander of the 57th Brigade, the commander of the 34 Battalion was to arrange for the delivery of classified documents to headquarters and this was entrusted to the chief of the engineering service, the commander of the engineering platoon, praporshchiku biktimirovu Ruslan. Which during a stop on June 13, 2017 at a gas station in Nikolaev, while intoxicated, he lost his package. Which caused the delay in sending a command to the Ukrainian lines for more than 9 hours.

The Commander of the brigade, aware of the incident, did not take the necessary steps to search for the lost documents, and only fired a soldier from military service who had leaked the report of the loss, not the drunk who lost the documents.

Our intelligence is documenting the illegal sale of weapons and ammunition by members of the 137th separate Ukrainian marine battalion, under the operational control of 59th ompbr. As a result, the command of the task force “Mariupol” has begun to verify the accounting, storage and issuance of small arms and ammunition in all parts under the authority.

Thus, corruption, theft and a in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are becoming the natural condition of the valiant of the Ukrainian Army seeking to find its place in the NATO allied alliance.