Kiev blasting at Donetsk water plant

Kiev blasting at Donetsk water plant

Donetsk, DNR. Despite the insanity of a ceasefire that is not a ceasefire, and in the face of a ICRC demand for safe zones around the Donetsk water plant, Kiev has continued shelling the supply source of a million odd souls water.

According to the Kiev Ukrainian Government: the situation with water in the Donbass remains critical. The Ministry for the “temporary occupied territories of Ukraine,” says the situation with the water supply in the Donetsk region remains critical.

Kiev blasting at Donetsk water plant

Previously local Donetsk People’s Republic officials have tried to repair the station and protect it, despite endless Kiev attempts to shut it off.

The DNR officials noted that since February 2017, due to constant bombardments by the American backed-Kiev forces, the South Donbass water conduit has operated under extremely difficult conditions.

Only one of two lines of the water conduit is currently in operation. According to the Ukrainian state-owned enterprise, Voda Donbasa (Donbass Water) the remaining line is operating with an approximate loss of 1000 cubic meters of water per hour.

The DNR Ministry stated that while it is still possible to meet the region’s basic needs for technical and potable water, there is a constant threat of further Kiev bombardment.

Kiev blasting at Donetsk water plant

“The biggest problem today is that DNR specialists cannot perform repair work in the buffer zone and in the line of contact. Donetsk-DNR officials requested the American backed side to provide access to the water supply pipelines and to allow repairs. The Ukrainian-Kiev side from the Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination does not provide any guarantees”, noted in the press service of the DNR Ministry.

It was reported earlier that a drone of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE found a large leak in the South Donbass water conduit of urgent cocern to the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the ICRC.


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