Part of the Ukrainian armament intended for the “ATO” fighters, in fact falls into the hands of terrorists of the Islamic State. This was told by the head of News Front Konstantin Knyrik, referring to the results of a journalistic investigation of a group of Bulgarian journalists.

“Literally today a group of Bulgarian journalists informed us of the results of their new journalistic investigation in which emerged very interesting facts and the most interesting thing – Ukrainian weapons from the ATO zone,” Knyrik said.

According to him, on June 11, at about 11.30 pm a column of trucks with OG-15VM shells in the amount of 2100 units passed through the Ukrainian checkpoint “Porubnoye” Chernovitsky border detachment, Ukraine.

This projectile is very popular among the militants of the banned ISIS organization,” Knyryk clarified.

This projectile is designed to engage the enemy’s manpower, suppress fire weapons at ranges up to 1000 m and to fire at group targets – up to 4,500 m.

“This cargo was addressed to the recipient, the Bulgarian firm “Akuis”, and the sender was a Kiev enterprise with the state participation of “Spetstekhnoexport”. According to our Bulgarian counterparts, the total value of the cargo is half a million US dollars,” the head of News Front added.

Why would Bulgaria need Ukrainian weapons and even in such numbers, where will it go further and why does the Bulgarian government not comment on why such weapons come to them?

“It turns out that high-ranking Ukrainian military officials write off shells and weapons from the ATO zone and deliver them directly through the Bulgarian ports to terrorists? Maybe that’s why the Pentagon wants to give weapons to Ukraine, realizing where it really will appear and whom serve?” he concluded.

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