Donetsk, DNR. Monday will mark the 2nd meeting of a French organization in Donetsk, the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The organization is being hosted by a Novorossiyan freedom organization and Erwan Castel, a former French Army NATO Officer who has served in the Donetsk military previously.

A number of elected representatives of France, Hubert Fayard, Christiane Pujol and Christian Borelli, with Marc Pujol after a transit in Moscow are now on the way to Donetsk via Rostov on the don.

In the Moscow Capital, the French delegation had the opportunity and the privilage of meeting major figures in Russia’s political life, including Natalia Poklonskaya, MP of Crimea in the Duma, and Daria Sharova, International Secretary of the young guard of United Russia.

This first delegation of French elected representatives in the Donbass is important because it gives a free view of French leaders on the major European crisis that is raging in this major geostrategic region between eurasia and the west. Given the path of Russian integration both Donbass Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk are pursuing, the visit will no doubt cause chaos and consternation in Kiev.

This project in partnership with the French team of novorossiya today (Svetlana Kissileva and Erwan Castel) and the ministry of foreign affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic is the realization of efforts began 2 years ago with people who are in France and Russia, and are mindful of the fate of Europe and aware of the importance of building good East-West relations where Franco-Russian friendship is certainly the most important component.

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