Russian military signs ceasefire deal with government of Syrian Latakia province

The Russian military has signed a ceasefire deal with the government of Syria’s Latakia province that became the first agreement of a kind made since the breakout of the bloody conflict, Russia’s reconciliation center reported.

Alexander Vorontsov, a member of Russian Syria reconciliation center in Latakia province, said to reporters that the deal has become the first instance of Russian military signing a ceasefire agreement with a provincial administration in Syria. Earlier deals were signed with distinct settlements, he explained.

Vorontsov said that the Russian troops have also provided residents of the mountain village of al-Serkezia in the Latakia Province with humanitarian aid.

“We brought 350 sets of food products to the residents of the mountain village of al-Serkezia, that contained rice, flour, sugar, canned meat and tea,” he told journalists in the process of handing over humanitarian aid to the civilians.

The reconciliation center has signed numerous local peace pacts with leaders of Syrian settlements since it set up a base in the western Syrian province on the Mediterranean two years ago.