Washington, DC. As “Russia gate 2017” continues on, it seems now Obama reportedly approved ‘cyberweapons’ against Russian infrastructure before leaving office, which if true-would be an act of war upon the Russian Federation, without a declaration of war by Congress.

The Washington Post report details the Obama administration’s response last year after the CIA said it found intelligence showing that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to influence the 2016 U.S. election. but it still does not mention what the “proof” was.

Incoming President Donald Trump would have to decide whether to use the measure, which was in its planning stages when Obama left the White House in January, the newspaper reported.

This undisclosed detail was part of a report that gives perhaps the most detailed account yet of the Obama administration’s response to Russian meddling in the election, which top lawmakers have called an attack on American democracy.

It has prompted FBI and congressional investigations, which Trump has repeatedly called a “witch hunt” designed to discredit his presidency. Trump is reportedly under investigation over whether he tried to impede the FBI’s investigation, whether his son in law dealth with Russians, his Attorney General, Former National Security Adviser, Current National Security Adviser and former campaign manager.

After the CIA said it discovered last year that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to harm Hillary Clinton and help then-candidate Trump, the Obama administration and congressional leaders were reluctant to take action before November’s election, and still have provided no evidence of such official Russian activity.

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