The Higher Administrative Court of Hamburg has banned protesters from camping in the city park ahead of the G20 summit, the court statement said Friday.

Three thousand tents and infrastructure that make up the camp “are neither a functional nor symbolic part of expression of opinion”, the document stated.

The camp was first denied permit from local authorities, then its organizers appealed this decision in the administrative court. The Hamburg court has now made the final decision on the matter.

Hamburg Police Chief Ralf Martin Meyer said earlier the summit of leading and emerging industrial nations would be guarded by over 20,000 local and federal officers, noting that the security forces are ready to react to possible actions by radical groups.

On June 19, German rail traffic was disrupted in 12 incidents of arson across the country. Extreme left-wing activists protesting against the G20 summit claimed responsibility for the disruption.

The G20 summit in Hamburg will be held on July 7-8, gathering leaders from the world’s most powerful nations, known as the Group of 20.

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