Fighting in Donbass continues despite ceasefire

Donetsk, DNR. Heavy fighting continues as a ceasefire is no more formal here than a court summons for watering your lawn on the wrong day in California.

On the demarcation line in eastern Ukraine zone, Kiev’s Armed Force’s are becoming increasingly active at nighttime, specifically in the southern front sector. Over the past days, the Donbass Republic Armies has been under attack by submachine and machine gun fire, RPG shells, and mines, News Front reports.

Along the freedom fighters line of defense in the Lebedynske area, heavy 120-meter caliber guns were fired, and in the area of the forward defense posts near Shyrokyne, the combatants fired cannons and from infantry fighting armored vehicles. However, the servicemen of the Donetsk People’s Republic explain that the enemy shoots randomly and are not aiming to hit a target, only trying to make the Donbass soldiers nervous and keep them on their toes.

The Donbass military officials admit that they do not respond to such attacks, which makes little sense, but if they respond, they will have to complete reports explaining why they violated the Minsk Agreements, so they do not routine fire.

This tactic lasts until the enemy’s fire turns into a targeted attack. Should that occur, the Donbass forces military makes no bones about the attackers, because their own life is more valuable than worthless agreements. Recently, soldiers at Gorlovka had to solve this dilemma when the hostile SBU Recon group came to their positions, and if the Donbass freedom fighters soldiers hadn’t fired on them their positions would have been pelted with grenades.

One can clearly understand It is much more difficult to cope with the long-range artillery used by the US-backed Kiev forces. The Donbass military on the front line say that they have information about its location, but only the commander, who is responsible to the military authorities for each violation of the truce, can give orders to hit the attackers.

This is why these days the situation on the front line is increasingly turning into a classic trench war of nerves. Soldiers observe the enemy strengthening its lines daily. They see them pour concrete into the dug-out shelters and equip armed positions. This does not please the Donbass freedom fighters, because knocking out the enemy from fortified positions is much more difficult.

The current situation at the front does not give much reason to hope that the Kiev forces military are planning to leave Ukraine. Soldiers say that every day of procrastination with the offensive only strengthens the enemy and complicates the task for the army. They are open in their opinion that the tactics of delaying the conflict is erroneous.Meanwhile the Donbass forces wait for the order to go forward and liberate the republics territory.


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