Washington, DC. Leave it up to America’s absolute moronic media to invent more news from nothing as they try to say America would “win” over Russia in a war inside Syria.

Following America downing a Syrian jet making a bombing run on US-backed forces fighting ISIS, Russia threatened to target American and US-led coalition planes West of the Euphrates river in Syria. For most people that would be alarming, but not according to America’s press, in damage mode, trying to sell a potential war to everyday Americans fed a steady diet of anti-Russian propaganda.

“But while Russia has some advanced surface-to-air missile systems and very agile fighter aircraft in Syria, it wouldn’t fare well in what would be a short, brutal air war against the US.” So says the American press. Yes sir, those Americans can survive and thrive no matter what.

“The US keeps an aircraft carrier with dozens of F/A-18E fighters aboard in the Mediterranean about all the time and hundreds of F-15s and F-16s scattered around Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan.” With no regard for like kind exchanges escalating beyond a handful of aircraft, this is the kind of stupidity being spoon fed daily to Americans.

“If US surveillance detected a mass mobilization of Russian jets in response to the back-and-forth, the US wouldn’t just wait politely for Russians to get their planes in the sky so they can fight back.” Yes, and neither would Russia. For all the analyst knows by this point Russia may well be on the way to a preemptive nuclear first strike based upon the American aggression that has been building for YEARS. And which they have had umpteen warnings about from Moscow.

“Instead, a giant salvo of cruise missiles would pour in from the USS George H. W. Bush carrier strike group, much like the April 7 strike on Syria’s Sharyat air base. But this time, the missiles would have to saturate and defeat Russia’s missile defenses first, which they could do by sheer numbers if not using electronic attack craft.” Nope, sorry your scenario ends here America. By this time Russian submarines have used nuclear torpedos to neutralize your carrier(s) and matched your tomahawk launch totally destroying the Kiev Rada and every US base inside Syria.

America has a choice, stop playing in sand boxes that are not in their back yard, or be prepared to watch their children die terrible deaths from radiation sickness. The fact that their media is promoting this escalation and potential war is proof positive that today there is no greater danger to world peace than the United States of America.

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