Kiev, Ukraine. In a scene straight out of a comedy movie, a third string diplomat wannabe who plunged the entire Minsk process into chaos, resulting in US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being jerked out of bed last night for a call from a very perturbed Lavrov. Needless to say the crackpot-retarded ideas of Irina Gerashchenko will NOT be placed into consideration for Minsk participants to try and make sense of.

Ukraine will not be discussing the draft bill about re-integration of the occupied areas of Donbas during sessions of Minsk talks group. Iryna Gerashchenko, First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and Ukraine’s representative in the humanitarian subdivision of the group posted on Facebook.

Gerashchenko had just gone out of her way to state that Ukraine was going around Minsk with an insane plan to declare martial law, by pass Minsk and seize control of the Donbass from the esablished republics and elected heads of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

‘Of course, we do not plan on discussing that in Minsk, because it is Ukraine’s sovereign right to modify its laws so as to restore sovereignty and territorial integrity,’ she wrote, trying unsuccessfully to explain away her diplomatic incident and exposure as an imbecile publicly.

Irina added that the Minsk talks parties never discussed decisions made in the Kremlin – like the one about Russia’s recognition of documents of the self-styled ‘republics’, or the one about switching from Ukrainian hryvnya to Russian ruble in the occupied territories of Donbass.

Yet again reflecting her unmitigated ignorance in knowing the difference between what Minsk does cover and does not cover. Truly spectacular, given the Minsk agreement is only 13 points to begin with and none of them relate to institution of martial law, genocide or how to bypass the Minsk agreements, unfortunately for Ms. Assclown.

‘So now we demand to cancel all such decisions and decrees; this is part of our struggle for reintegration of our territories,’ she wrote. Yes, now that you know we are idiots and constantly trying to avoid what we already agreed to, just cancel it, just magically make it go away, seems to be the desperate plea of Irina.

According to Geraschenko, the draft law was also not presented during the recent visits of President Poroshenko to Washington and Brussels. The Ukrainian envoy in the Minsk group was so confused, he added that Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council will consider the draft law in the near future, yet again prompting another phone call from Moscow, for Washington to better manage their collection of clowns in Kiev.

Previously, President Petro Poroshenko charged the MPs to develop the draft law on re-integration of the occupied areas of eastern Ukraine. According to him, it is based in the Minsk agreement, which aims to put an end to the ongoing hostilities in Donbass.

Yes the Minsk agreement does seek to end the conflict, but the draft law has zero to do with Minsk and actually violates at least half of the Minsk agreements points in an effort to “legally” invade Donbass, overthrow two more governments that held elections and kill citizens from from war crimes trials. Poroshenko forgot to mention those parts of the situation from Irina’s massive cluster cluck.

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