The district center and several state institutions in the north of Afghanistan were first placed at the disposal of the ISIS militants.

The capture of the Derzap district by ISIS militants is reported by the deputies of the regional council of the province of Jovuzdzhan. According to reports from the region, fighting is currently taking place between government troops and militants. As a result of the fighting, thousands of families were forced to leave their homes.

“ISIS militants have so far not been able to seize the Derzap district, the Afghan forces are resisting Islamic militants, the military facilities are under the control of the Afghan forces. We are sending reinforcements to Derzap, fierce battles are taking place between the militants and the Afghan forces,” Rakhmatulla Turkustani said.

Derzap district is located near the capital of Jovuzdzhan province of Shibirgan. Prior to this, the ISIS militants controlled the villages of Derzap and Goshdepe.

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