Donetsk still under fire in Kiev Minsk violation

Donetsk, DNR. There is an old line from an American song that goes, “Same as it ever was.” This would be the case as before a ceasefire can get off the ground, Kiev has already broken it in the “ATO-Martial law” disneyland of hell the Poroshenko Junta has made the Donbass region. Reports from Eduard Basurin, Pavel Semchuk and David Simpson in Donetsk.

The US-backed Kiev junta continues to shell assorted locations across Donbass in violation of ceasefire talks. Today the military intelligence of the Donetsk People’s Republic has tracked the movement of the 1st OSHR DUK unit of the Neo-Nazi Pravy Sektor deploying in areas around Avdeevka and Marinka. Reports of injuries are still coming in.

The military intelligence of the Donetsk People’s Army continues to encourage citizens to report all observed movements of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in our Republic, so the war criminals actions may be recorded and prosecuted. Also it is important to record the shelling and damage to the DNR territory.

Please understand that our DNR Army forces are under orders not to open fire as we are under orders to comply with the Minsk Agreements, even when the Kiev forces try to provoke us to do otherwise.

Damage report 22/06/2017

Petrovsky District Hospital. Alexandrovka:
Čaliuskincaŭ Street 6 a – roof hit and destroyed;
Čaliuskincaŭ Street 8th. Blown out A-paned windows, door, gate;
Čaliuskincaŭ Street 5th-paned windows, door destroyed;
Shevchenko Street 3-destroyed a barn, glazing, roof;
Shevchenko Street 1-roof destroyed.
Novoazovsk Raion: na. Zaichenko:
Selivanova Street 29-Roof, walls blown in;
Selivanova Street 10-Roof, walls blown in;
Selivanova Street 13-Roof, walls blown in;
Selivanova Street 1-Roof, walls blown in;
Selivanova Street 23-Roof, walls blown in;
Grinko Street 6-paned windows, walls, roofs destroyed;
Grinko Street 12-paned windows, walls, roofs destroyed;
B Xhmelnitsky Street 19-paned windows destroyed.
Octoberskya Street #22 -house destroyed by shelling.Burnt to ground.