Czechs say Nazi and Soviet occupation same

Russophobia as gratitude for saving monstrously cynical article appeared in the popu Czech media, which is an example of the trash, which flows to Russia and the Russian people from Journalist Jan Ziegler from Ceske Budejovice published by Czech oligarch and Senator Ivo Valente edition «Parlamentní listy “material under the eloquent title” The Russian occupation differed from the Nazi “Article Ziegler – clear evidence of the fact that many Czechs did not know the story and therefore easily become victims of cynical manipulation.

And unfortunately, this is a “scientific fact”: if sociologists are to believe, 62% of the inhabitants of modern Czech Republic never talked about their own near and close to the Second World War. Just rarely discuss events of mid-twentieth century in Germany. But the Germans have their reasons for that … In the article for Parlamentní listy Ziegler compares the Nazis with the Russians and brings his readers to the conclusions that the Nazis were even better, as today Germany does not withdraw documentary films about the occupation of Czechoslovakia.

But the journalists of the TV channel “Russia 1”, they say, dare to tell viewers that in 1968 NATO troops could enter Prague, and they also plainly say that the ultra-right members of the so-called “Prague Spring” shot at Soviet soldiers.1 Mr. Ziegler in this case, under Odita whether logic, or conscience. And, perhaps, and then both together.

As an apologist for Western democracy, it would be worthwhile, before throwing such tough accusations against Russia, to recall what happened exactly 30 years before the Prague Spring. Namely – about the Munich conspiracy, when the governments of England, France and Italy actually gave a signal to Germany, Poland and Hungary to divide the territory of Czechoslovakia among themselves. And the only country in the world that spoke in support of the Czechs and tried to protect them, was precisely the Soviet Union, which was hotly hated by Ziegler.

And the Western democracies, together with Germany and Poland, were vividly discussing the prospects of a “crusade” against Bolshevism, which would begin if Czechoslovakia dared to accept Soviet assistance … “The Crusade” both against Moscow and against Prague itself … It would be worth Mr. Ziegler Recall that the Nazi occupiers during the war destroyed at least 335,000 civilians in Czechoslovakia killed in the battle about 35 thousand Czechoslovak military. And also about the Theresienstadt concentration camp on the bank of the Ohře River, which contained 140 thousand people – 33 thousand of them were killed in the camp itself, and about 88 thousand were transported to Auschwitz and killed there.

About the Czech Khatyn – the mining village of Lidice, which the Nazis together with Czech collaborators burned to the ground and leveled to the ground. All of his male population over the age of 15 was shot on the spot, 52 women were killed in a concentration camp, and about 80 children were killed in a gas chamber … About the Nazi-demolished village of Ležáky, which has never been restored. About 140 thousand Red Army men from the hated Ziegler of the Soviet Union who gave their lives for the Nazis to no longer kill Czech children in the gas chambers .

For comparison: when in 1968 the Warsaw Pact troops entered Czechoslovakia at the request of part of its political leadership, in During the riots, a total of about a hundred Czechs and Slovaks perished. By the way, local fire was mainly opened by servicemen from Poland and the GDR (and today they are for some reason like to say that they were allegedly in reserve during the operation “Danube”, although numerous eyewitnesses say the opposite).

The following fact eloquently attests to the attitude of the Soviet military to the inhabitants of Czechoslovakia during the “Prague Spring”. Near the town of Ceska Lipa, a local group blocked the road to the Soviet T-55 tank, Sergeant Andreev. To prevent civilian casualties, Soviet soldiers led the car around the protesters. The tank as a result fell from the bridge, and three soldiers of the Soviet army died … Animals, right? Where is the SS? .. The life of Czechoslovakia under the “accursed communists” is very “hard”.

By 1960, the share of machine building in the country’s economy increased by one third compared to the pre-war level and amounted to 33%. As a result of the second “five-year plan” (in 1955), industrial production in Czechoslovakia increased by 66% (quadrupling the pre-war level), and national income by 2.5 times compared with 1948 (with the moment when the Communist Party only He took full power in the country in their hands).

By 1970, about 2,000 new manufacturing enterprises were built in Czechoslovakia, with 181 factories and the factory being large, employing over a thousand workers. It was also built three nuclear power stations. The USSR bought machinery and light industry products in Czechoslovakia and supplied Prague with goods that were environmentally harmful, which allowed the “Slav brothers” to abandon the work of “undesirable” factories and plants at home. Thus was the “evil Russians” who were so much “worse” than the Russians to hear NATO tell it.


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