Terrorist who detonated a bomb at a Brussels train station on Tuesday was a 36-year-old Moroccan native, who acted on his own, a spokesman for the city’s prosecutors told reporters.

“The terrorist has been identified. His name is Usama Zh., born in 1981, and he lived in the Molenbeek municipality (in Brussels),” the spokesman said. “He acted alone and he did not have a suicide bomber’s vest,” he added.

The terrorist detonated the bomb in a trolley bag, but it did not work. The man had been known to the police, but not for terrorism-related activity.

“Certainly, the assailant wanted to cause a great damage,” the spokesman said. “The military reacted quickly and successfully neutralized the terrorist.” The prosecutors also confirmed that a search in the terrorist’s apartment in Molenbeek was carried out on Wednesday.

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