NATO provocation of Shoigu over Baltic


Kaliningrad, Russian Federation. Today an armed US attack aircraft made it a point to “buzz” the Russian military transport Sergei Shoigu was flying on over the Baltic Sea. It is another example of threatening behavior by NATO forces directed at Russia’s armed forces in their own orbit of influence.

A number of Russian news agencies are reporting a NATO fighter jet buzzed a plane carrying Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday as it flew over the Baltic Sea, but was escorted away by a Russian fighter pilot.

The American jet approached the defense minister’s jet while flying over neutral waters. The Russian jet flew in between Shoigu’s plane and the NATO jet and tilted form side-to-side to show it was armed. The NATO jet then left the area and the Russian jet got back in formation, the Russian agencies reported.

Senior NATO military representatives in Brussels told News Front there had been an unusually high number of Russian military aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea last week and it is standard practice for NATO air forces to monitor unknown aircraft approaching NATO airspace.

Defense Minister Shoigu was en route to the western Russian city of Kaliningrad for a meeting with other members of Russia’s defense ministry. No other incidents were noted during the Minister’s journey.

The incident comes just a day after an armed American aircraft came within just a few meters of a Russian military plane flying over the Baltic Sea Tuesday.

The Pentagon said the American plane, an RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, was unprofessionally “intercepted” in international airspace on Monday by a Russian SU-27 Flanker fighter jet, Russian sources say the American was a poor pilot and nearly flew into the Russian plane, that was maintaining a safe distance.