Terrorist, who carried out a blast at one of Brussels’ main train stations on Tuesday, had a high-yield bomb, but the device did not explode according to the plan, Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon told VTM TV channel.

“The terrorist used the device designed for a large explosion, but only a small blast occurred,” Jambon said.

The suicide bomber has been identified and he had been known to the police, the minister noted, giving no further details. The timely steps of police and soldiers helped prevent a large-scale terrorist attack, he said.

The explosion occurred near the ticket offices of Central Station late on Tuesday. An unknown man shouted “‘Allahu Akbar” before triggering an explosive vest. The blast was small and no one was killed. The incident caused panic at the station. Belgian soldiers later shot dead the assailant.

Police evacuated people from the train station and also from La Grande Place square in downtown Brussels.

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