Civil society, legally through the parliament, should have the right to impeach the president. This opinion in an interview with journalists on the sidelines of the Parliament was expressed by the People’s Deputy from the “Opposition bloc” Alexei Bely, 112 Ukraine reports.

“We can have a different attitude to the president, I have a negative one, you have a positive. When we talk about impeachment, then impeachment is the will of the people. The people have right to express their opinion. If we want to talk about impeachment, there are clear steps under the law. The people chose him, and the people have the right to say if today he is worthy to be president or not,” MP stated.

“If you go out into the street, ask any citizen who is to blame for his bad life, the first person to be called is the president, but why? Because, according to the Constitution, we have a parliamentary-presidential republic, and we actually have a presidential one today. Thus, he took all this negative on himself, this is his problem, and let him answer for it,” the deputy added.

According to polls, if the presidential elections in Ukraine were held ahead of schedule, Poroshenko would lose to Tymoshenko in the second round.

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