Serbian capital Belgrade hosted the screening of News Front movie “Kosovo – shrine taken away” in the framework of a conference on the problems of the province of Kosovo and Metohija. The event took place in the building of the House of Trade Unions in the center of the city.

The movie was presented by Oksana Sazonova, head of the Serbian editorial office of News Front.

“These footage were filmed a little less than a year ago, in September of last year.The premiere in Russia took place on March 24 (the anniversary of the bombing of Yugoslavia, Ed.) But modern history is fleeting. Only during this time in Kosovo and Metohija there was a whole chain of important, and, I would say, disturbing events. If you do not go into details, conceptually it is a place of constant tension, “controlled chaos,” Sazonova said.

Political scientist Alexander Pavic turned to the history of the film, namely, the arrest of Oksana Sazonova and Sergei Belous.

“Oksana was deported, because she did not have a visa of a non-existent state,” the speaker recalled.

The director, journalist and international observer from Serbia in Donbass Miodrag Zarkovic spoke about the similarity of these complex territories.

After the speeches, many questions were asked from the audience. The audience was interested in the history of the film, impressions, as well as fraternal Russian-Serbian relations. Many of those present were personally connected with Kosovo and Metohija, and therefore the Russian view of this Serbian tragedy was also received with special gratitude.

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