6 EU members now ready to fight Brussels

Brussels, Belgium. The European Union yet again, is showing the cracks in its foundation, as 6 member states have told Brussels they will not flood their nations with Africans or Middle Eastern refugees. The nations have even activated their military forces and entered into an organized group of nations to combat Brussels demands.

Defense officials of six Central European countries and the Balkans have pledged closer cooperation in tackling migration with all possible means including use of armed forces.

The countries include; Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. These are the nations fighting against EU tyranny, recently creating a pact called the Central European Defense Cooperation and are intent upon resistance of Brussels demands at all costs, including leaving the EU or direct military action as a group against EU force.

Among the group’s goals is that all migrants who want to apply for asylum in EU countries have to do it in centers outside the bloc.Immigrants showing up unannounced will be bodily returned by force to their nation(s) of origin.

The Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil said after a meeting in Prague on Monday that his country has been preparing a detailed action plan of cooperation for the six nations whose military forces will train in a joint drill in next few months to prepare for over 6 million migrants in North Africa currently headed for Europe.

Last week, the EU announced it would “punish” Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary over their refusal to accept tens of thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East. The EU declined comment to News Front about the count now being six nations in a pact, prepared to oppose Brussels directly.

Recently, the Baltic States have agreed to take as many as Brussels can send and Ukraine has said it will take up to one million immigrants for $1500 a person plus an EU agreement to support the new residents of Kiev.


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