Russia says Croatia plan simply Donbass dreaming

Moscow, Russia. The Croatia settlement used back in the Clinton era, was the next crackpot lunatic scheme the Neocon Council on Foreign Relations advised Kiev’s diplomats to try on Russia. But this is not the first ambush the Russian bear has seen and this time the bear told the west straight up, are you joking?

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that Croatia’s plans to share its experience of peaceful reintegration of occupied territories with Ukraine will not contribute to the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass in any, shape or form.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Information and Press stated this in comments connected with statements on the revitalization of the Croatian working group on cooperation with Ukraine, that Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry was openly saying would be the “new and improved” alternative to the Minsk Agreements Kiev has stalled on implementing from the day President Poroshenko signed them.

“We have paid attention to the statements made at the level of the heads of government within the framework of the Croatian-Ukrainian talks in Zagreb, regarding plans to revitalize the working group on cooperation with Ukraine established in October 2016 by the Government of Croatia aimed at sharing the Croatian experience of ‘peaceful reintegration of the occupied territories’, which allegedly can be applied to Donetsk and Lugansk, with Kiev. We are forced to once more emphasize the inefficiency and inappropriateness of such steps,” the statement said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Zagreb unilaterally interjected itself on an uninvited basis into the Minsk negotiations, with a plan that had been tailored to the specific regional and local conditions that are unique to the Croatian experience and do not have a “damn thing to do with Donbass” or what is going on there, said one Foreign Ministry official in Minsk.

In the opinion of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Croatia must demand that Kiev “once and for all stop bombing the Donbass, issue a national amnesty at once, release all political prisoners, encourage free elections, and provide the special status guaranteed by Minsk.

The Russian observers also remind section 10 of Minsk, calls for all foreign troops to leave the Ukraine at once-including, NATO, American, Canadian etc. It clearly says UKRAINE, not Donbass, “you will note.” As one Russian official pointed out.

A working group for Ukraine’s support was created in Croatia at the end of 2016,without Russian or Donbass Republics participation. Therefore it has been a complete waste of time and resources by the Ukrainians and their American handlers, who think if you take the lead and simply “do something,” everybody else will follow you, even off a cliff.


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