UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd confirmed on Monday that UK police had been treating the recent deadly ramming incident that took place near Finsbury Park mosque in northern London as a “suspected terrorist attack.”

Earlier in the day, a van rammed into pedestrians near the mosque. UK Prime Minister Theresa May then said that the incident was treated by police “as a potential terrorist attack.”
“It was treated immediately as a suspected terrorist attack. We must allow the police to deal with the facts and they will make sure that they make these facts available as soon as they can. Our priority must be to support the people, who have been victims of this and to make sure the investigation is done with all due speed and professionalism,” Rudd said, as quoted by the Sky News broadcaster.

At least one person was killed and 10 more were injured, while eight of them were hospitalized, in the ramming incident. The van’s driver has already been detained.

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