How Kiev will legally invade Donbass soon


The United States has a long history of advising repressive, tyrannical, truly evil governments in fights against citizen uprisings. They tried in North Korea and failed, Cuba was a failure and Vietnam was a terrible disaster too. Now America is set to ride the USS Petro Poroshenko straight to the bottom of history, as it readies an inept bunch of corrupt mafia wannabes fixated on a true genocide of their own citizens in Donbass.

Big news will be comming out of Washington the next few days, none of it good for the local residents in Donbass who rose up against a junta made in the USA and bought by NGOs & corporations. The Law “On the Restoration of State Sovereignty over the Occupied Territories” provides for the introduction of martial law in the occupied territories of the Donbass and their “further release from the invaders.  A member of the Ukrainian parliament Committee on Defense Ivan Vinnik announced.

Vinnik explains freely calling the conflict an “Anti-Terrorist Operation” was a lie, deceptive and a ruse for the US backed junta to consolidate power. It afforded the chance to create an armed forces against the rebellion, run an election for President and most importantly, buy Kiev time.

“But in conditions of martial law, according to the current constitution, no elections can be held. On the other hand, we needed to find the legal framework for the use of the Ukrainian army, because military formations, even hybrid ones, acted against us …

And the third problem – we actually, the army was not there. Therefore, we had to reckon with the opinion of our Western partners. And the Western partners said that in no case do not go to any escalation against the Russian Federation, “Vinnik explained. Because daily, the military actions were led by the SBU Anti-Terrorist Center, de facto, was led by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, through the head of the General Staff.

But in fact, any shot from a heavy gun had to get permission from 4 people. In conditions of active combat actions, such a design is not practical … “Vinnik stressed.

Now, I’m sure, the people’s deputy said, during the three years of the war, Ukraine has changed and the Army of the Ukraine is now capable of going on the offensive.  As we prepare to invade the Donbass and undertake many thousands of dead, we must be sure this is all legal under our constitution and agreed to be our American supporters.

The legal arguement Vinnik is trying to float is in order for the monitoring structures, together with the OSCE, to agree it is the Russian Army currently occupying Donbass , so that Russian diplomacy does not pursue the prosecution of the Ukrainian army in The Hague, for crimes against humanity, because they read Kiev’s current Constitution: the Armed Forces of Ukraine can not be applied on the territory of Ukraine against the Ukrainian people, ONLY IF MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED.

The People’s Deputy also said that the law will write that the territory should first be liberated, not reintegrated and not deoccupied. The Minsk Agreements will be forgotten and discarded by us. “We are liberating the territories from the Russian invader and then we are carrying out the necessary actions to restore the infrastructure, for reintegration, and restore the border on the administrative line where they are established by international treaties,” explained the People’s Deputy.

In addition, Vinnik also clarified that there will be no active action on Crimea in the near future, but the prospect of the liberation of Donbass, provided that the Russian Federation does not use aviation, becomes, in his opinion, real.

The fact that this sheer madness is public, should tell you it is reality based, already planned out and will kill tens of thousands of Donbass citizens shortly. If the United States has agreed to this, either they don’t care and simply want Putin to resolve their Donbass problem or they are going along quietly to provoke Russia to fully invade the Ukraine.

Not that they will, but from this laundry list of lunacy, one may rest assured-one hell of a lot of Ukrainian soldiers will not be around after the Summer of 2017.



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