The decision of the US President Donald Trump returns the world to the rhetoric of the “cold war”.

This is stated in the comments of the Department of Information and Press of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“The new line, announced by US President D.Trump about Cuba, brings us back to the already forgotten rhetoric in the style of the “cold war”. Such an approach characterized the US attitude to Cuba for decades. When the previous administration in Washington introduced significant changes to the course on the island, we reasonably believed that this was not so much a manifestation of the goodwill of individual politicians, but a reflection of the policy of dictatorship failure and sanctions against this small and freedom-loving state. It was believed that this was not a certain “deal”, but a thoughtful political decision, in which there were no losers, except for marginal anti-Castrists,” the statement said.

On Friday, Trump announced that he was canceling Obama’s “erroneous” policy to normalize relations with Cuba and was ready to begin negotiations on a new agreement that would benefit both for Cubans and Americans.

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