Moscow, Russia. The Putin interviews provide us with an interesting insight on the man who leads the free world against the intolerance and genocide of western failed capitalist states. Some parts are worthy of closer examination, as we learn just how vulnerable the USA is to Russian technology.

During recent interviews Vladimir Putin shed light on a little-noticed confrontation involving a US Navy destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, that steamed through the Black Sea toward Crimea in the middle of the crisis but turned back when Russian aircraft buzzed the ship and Russia activated its shoreline defense systems.

America’s sanitized version goes like this; At issue in the days after the incident in the Black Sea were documented reports in Russia print and social media that a Su-24 aircraft “equipped with the latest electronic warfare complex, Khibiny,” had managed to jam and shut down the Cook’s radars along with other electronic systems. Among other findings, the researchers discovered that the Khibiny brought the Cook to a dead stop, completely disabled in the Black Sea.

During the Stone interviews, he compared the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis when a Soviet ship turned back rather than challenge the blockade that President John Kennedy had established around the island. But Putin didn’t see the confrontation with the American destroyers quite as grave as that.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said, “Once Crimea became a full-fledged part of the Russian Federation, our attitude toward this territory changed dramatically. If we see a threat to our territory, and Crimea is now part of Russia, just as any other country, we will have to protect our territory by all means at our disposal…

“I wouldn’t draw an analogy with the Cuban Missile Crisis, because back then the world was on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse. Luckily, the situation didn’t go so far this time. Even though we did indeed deploy our most sophisticated, our cutting-edge systems for the coastal defense,” known as the Bastion (Khibiny).

“Certainly – against such missiles as the ones we’ve deployed in Crimea – such a ship as the Destroyer Donald Cook is simply defenseless… Our Commanders always have the authorization to use any means for the defense of the Russian Federation…

“Yes , certainly it would have been very bad. What was the Donald Cook doing so close to our land? Who was trying to provoke whom? And we are determined to protect our territory…

“Once the destroyer was located and detected, they [the U.S. crew] saw that there was a threat, and the ship itself saw that it was the target of the missile systems. I don’t know who the Captain was, but he showed much restraint, I think he is a responsible man, and a courageous officer to boot. I think it was the right decision that he took. He decided not to escalate the situation. He decided not to proceed. It doesn’t at all mean that it would have been attacked by our missiles, but we had to show them that our coast was protected by the missile systems.

“The Captain sees right away that his ship has become the target of missile systems – he has special equipment to detect such kinds of situations. … But indeed we were brought to the brink, so to speak. … Yes, certainly. We had to respond somehow. Yes, we were open to positive dialogue. We did everything to achieve a political settlement. But they [U.S. officials] had to give their support to this unconstitutional seizure of power. I still wonder why they had to do that?”

America’s strategy in the Ukraine is clear, dump as much aid money as possible there, while they send back a cut for “lobbyists” to grease America’s Congress into putting Kiev’s interests before Detroit or Los Angeles. In return, American corporations resource rape the Ukraine as defense contractors get rich off of imaginary, main stream media created “Russian aggression.”

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