Trump wedding planner to head Federal Agency

Washington, DC. In another example of “making America great again,” Donald Trump is taking an unknown minority citizen, who was his son’s wedding planner- with zero experience in federal housing matters and appointing the woman Secretary of Housing for the United States of America.

In a complete shock to career federal employees, a wedding planner who coordinated the big day for Donald Trump”s son Eric, has been selected to run the US Federal housing program in New York city.

The unknown woman is one Lynne Patton, who is thought to have no experience in housing administration, but she will now be in charge of distributing billions of dollars of funding across the state area as head of the New York branch of the US Department of Housing. Congressional and Senate staffers were at a loss for words.

Trump’s son in her defense, pointed out that Ms Patton has had close ties to the Trump family for the past eight years and previously arranged celebrity golf tournaments at the president’s various courses.

News Front was given her CV-resume and Ms Patton has served as vice president at the Eric Trump Foundation, which is currently under investigation by the FBI for fraud, since 2011 and was a senior advisor on the presidential campaign last year. Prior to that, her work included housekeeping at Trump Towers, Administrative motel clerking and swimming pool maintenance.

Ms Patton comes highly lauded for her role as the family’s event planner for several years, she organised Eric’s wedding ceremony at Mar-a-Lago in November 2014 as he married Lara Yunaska. She is also skilled in organizing catering and travel arrangements, according to Trump associates.

With her new job, Ms Patton be in charge of distributing tens of thousands of rental vouchers and block grants that fund housing inspections and senior citizen programs. Employees at the agency were surprised somebody from within the agency was not hired, but look forward to Ms. Pattons contacts hopefully resulting in discounts on food for staff members on potluck day every month.