Trump supports illegal immigration to US

Washington, DC. In another Trump “U” turn on policy, he has gone soft this time on illegal immigration. If you like your illegal neighbors, you can keep your illegal neighbors as Trump flip flops yet again on a Trump signature edition issue from campaign 2016.

The Trump administration said Friday it still has not decided the fate of a program protecting hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation, despite a statement a day earlier that the program will continue.

The hesitation is due to the sheer numbers of irate Trump supporters calling the White House, critical of his caving in on yet another issue that got him elected with American voters.

The Obama administration program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. As a candidate who put tough immigration policies at the core of his campaign, Donald Trump denounced the program as an “illegal amnesty” and said he would immediately end it.

Since taking office however, Trump has expressed empathy for the participants often called “dreamers,” many of whom have no memory of living anywhere but the United States. Cancelling the program could mean trying to deport more than 787,000 people who identified themselves to the government in exchange for temporary protection.

America’s Homeland Security Department said Thursday that the program would “remain in effect.” Showing once again that those who took an oath to protect and defend the United States, fully support flooding America with unvetted, illegal immigrants.

In reference to DAPA, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Friday that the policy for immigrant parents had “languished in limbo” for several years. “My action yesterday was just a little housecleaning,” he said. The policy affecting children, he noted, remains in force. “DACA has not changed.”

Following news reports that the DACA program would continue, and reactions on both sides of the immigration debate, administration officials said Friday afternoon that no final decision had been made. Leaving Security Secretary Kelly looking like an absolute idiot to the public, but then that is what he gets paid to do.


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