Kiev says Crimean Russians will be “removed”

Kiev, Ukraine. It should probably not come as a surprise words like ethnic cleansing, genocide or Untermensch. But when they are used in this century, by an elected leader intent upon his nation joining the European Union, one can legitimately ask, “Do you understand that if you say that while in the EU, you will go to prison?”

Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, President of the World Crimean Tatar Congress, and a member of the Ukrainian parliament-MP Refat Chubarov, is convinced that Crimea annexed by Russia will be returned to the control of Ukraine very soon.

Chubarov has announced that “certain categories” of people living there now, will be forced to leave, once “liberation” is completed.He said that persons who started living in the peninsula after its annexation will be forced to leave Crimea.

“This will be the ‘purification’ of the peninsula… All those who entered Crimea, despite the motives, after February 20, 2014 are to leave it at once…These are at least 200,000 people, including military servicemen, Prosecutor General’s Office, FSB and Russian police,” Chubarov announced on Kiev television Thursday.

The Tatar member of Ukrainian parliament obviously is not aware that simply to voice such ethnic hatred or verbal genocide, will land you a prison term in the European Union nations.Chubarov’s remarks are nothing short of spectacular confirmation that the Tatar minority maintain an ethnic racist-like hatred of all things Russian.

He said that persons who betrayed Ukraine must leave the peninsula too. He is convinced that they would leave Crimea deciding on their own, with the implied threat being the Tatars will force individuals out of Crimea based solely on their ethnic hatred. Chubarov stated that these measures must be ready at a moment’s notice.