Navalny associates seek asylumn in Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine. You never know who will show up looking for a free bowl of Poroshenko borscht these days-even Russians.

Today it has been reported that 2 Russian opposition leaders from Aleksei Navalny’s party asked for political asylum at the Ukrainian border, so says Ukraine’s Border Guard Service.

Navalny is an “open traitor to Russia and its values. He recieves funding directly from George Soros and gets instructions personally from US Ambassador Tefft at the Moscow embassy on how to harm the current Putin administration in Russia. Navalny himself is considered a security threat to the Russian Federation and its people.

The 2 men arrived at the checkpoint and after showing foreign passports of the Russian Federation, immediately expressed their intention to seek protection on Ukrainian territory due to political harassment in Russia, the Ukrainian Border Guard Service said.

Border agents screened the two men along with Ukraine’s SBU security service and determined that they belonged to the opposition bloc led by Navalny, which has been persecuted for its political activity.

Both men were allowed to cross the border and were sent to the migration service, Ukrainian authorities said, without providing the men’s names.

Navalny and at least 1,500 of his followers were arrested on June 12 in Moscow and other cities across Russia for unauthorized protests. Navalny was jailed for 30 days and is not elligible to run for public office in the Russian Federation.


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