Russia – USA: Who in fact interferes in domestic affairs

Russia - USA: Who in fact interferes in domestic affairs

For several months hysteria about alleged Russian interference in US domestic affairs continues in the United States.

Either an old story was unearthed, as retired general Flynn had been invited to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the channel “Russia Today” (the usual practice of any public events). Or talk about some kind of almighty “Russian hackers” who “interfered in the course of the elections” (although any programs are compiled into machine codes, and it is impossible to say whether they were written by Russians, Chinese, Hindus or English).

In general, they try in every possible way to pull the ears, that Trump is somehow connected with the Russians. Although this is the Clinton pre-election fund, which received money from some Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs – but it is this obvious fact that the mainstream media and congressmen from among the Democrats are refusing to see.

Can the Russians create public organizations in the US that teach Americans how to build democracy correctly? No, the United States is spending the money of its taxpayers, implanting its ideology and actively recruiting agents of influence not only in Russia, but throughout the post-Soviet space.

Can Russian officials voice value judgments about US politicians or domestic events in the US? No, it’s American politicians and officials who constantly assess domestic developments in Russia.

Maybe Putin compared Hilary Clinton with Hitler? No, it was Clinton who compared Putin to Hitler, although she had no rights or grounds for this.

Can the Kremlin condemn the dispersal of demonstrations in Baltimore or Portland? Could the Kremlin have called for closing of Guantanamo and releasing several thousand detainees after the OWS? No, it was Sean Spicer who stated the other day that “the Russian authorities MUST release all detainees during the June 12 protest rallies.” To whom should they? Why should?

Sean Spicer saw how these “peaceful demonstrators” organized riots, demolished the tents of the historical reenactors’ fair in Moscow and attacked random passers-by? We can show him the video.

We can also show him the posts of “peaceful protesters” in social networks, where they call for throwing Molotov cocktails, killing policemen, threatening with torture and repression not even supporters of power, but all those who simply do not interfere. Is this freedom? Is it democracy?

How will the White House react if the Russian Foreign Ministry starts sending notes to the United States every day denouncing black murders, police harassment and dispersal of demonstrations? You will like it if Lavrov or Zakharova begin to ask “Why does the US have the world’s first place in terms of the number of prisoners per capita?” And indicate to the American government “th close Guantanamo”?

So who in fact interferes in internal affairs? Is not it time to stop this vicious practice, and start doing more with your domestic affairs? Since there’re quite a lot problems – social, economic, legal – within the US.


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