Donetsk, DNR. In the latest news from Donetsk, the Kiev regime is now forcing residents in areas occupied by them to attend demonstrations and meetings.There they are asked to agree that terror bombing the DNR and LNR are proper policy. Reports from Eduard Basurin, Pavel Semchuk and David Simpson in Donetsk.

DNR intelligence has recieved information that forces on occupied areas of DNR territory in Zhebrivsky district have conducted forced meetings and demonstrations, often with foreign media present.

During such meetings, residents are asked to support random shelling upon the DNR and LNR Donbass Republics. They argue our forces have shelled them, when in fact they are false flag attacks conducted by Kiev forces to provoke this reaction. The DNR intelligence service has recorded this activity previously in the village of Abruzzo in the Volnovakhskogo District.

Further reports are being recieved that the Ukrainian forces are broadcasting footage that intentionally misrepresents the situation, trying to blame DNR forces for shelling actually conducted by Kiev directed units.

We can say this with confidence, based upon heavy artillery fire recieved by Kiev forces near the village of Sukhaya Balka, where one DNR citizen was killed. The shelling by Kiev forces continues, in violation of the Minsk agreements.

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