London, United Kngdom. As Brexit talks between the UK and EU get underway, an interesting proposal cuts a deal on migrant workers between the two powers.

British Tory ministers are poised to take a more conciliatory approach as they prepare for talks with EU officials on Britain’s withdrawal from the Union.Brexit minister, David Davis, will offer to allow the three million European Union citizens living in Britain the same rights that they have now when divorce talks with the EU open next week.

Davis will also be looking for a reciprocal arrangement from the bloc for British citizens living in the 27 other EU states. Originally It had been the UK’s plan to make this offer only to EU nationals who were living in the country before March 29th of 2017, when the UK government triggered the start of the two-year process of leaving the Union.

British PM Theresa May outlined her vision of a hard break with the EU back in January, saying she wanted Britain to be able to make its own trade deals while maintaining trade with Europe that was as “frictionless as possible”.

Financial Times reports that Mr Davis will accept EU demands that the cut-off date should be pushed back to 2019 when Britain actually leaves. They report that one area of concern for the EU is whether those EU nationals living in Britain would have access to the European Court of Justice.

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