The Serbian capital Belgrade will host the screening of News Front movie “Kosovo – shrine taken away” and later a conference on the current situation in the province of Kosovo and Metohija.

The film will be presented by its author, editor-in-chief of News Front Serbia Oksana Sazonova. The conference will be directed by Miodrag Zarkovic, political scientists Dejan Mirovic, Juro Bilbia, Alexander Pavic.

Recall, during the shooting of the movie, Oksana Sazonova and her colleague, journalist Sergei Belous, were detained in the autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija. So the film received an “unofficial” name – forbidden to shoot.

The movie combines historical moments and reality, the analysis of the project “Kosovo” through a fleeting modern history. We show in what realities lives this region, how do people live, what they had to face after the war and the arrival of all kinds of peacekeepers.

The event will be held on Monday, June 19, in Belgrade, in the Syndicate House (14, Decanus Street), in Hall # 4. The beginning at 19:00.

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