US NSA FBI and CIA wanted Russian Telegram

Moscow, Russia. The United States has tried to interfere with a social network operating inside Russia and connected to the Vkontakte empire. Apparently not happy with cutting off social networking for Ukrainians who speak Russian, the USA was interested in controlling the chat communication tool of the Russian social network.

Pavel Durov, the creator of the social network “VKontakte”, introduced Telegram Messenger in 2013. Its creators argue that the development has focused on the security of user information. In February 2016, the number of active users in Russia now reaches 6 million plus people.

Russian national Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram Messenger, said that he encountered close scrutiny by the National Security Agency during a trip to the US. According to Durov, they tried to bribe the employees of Telegram, while the FBI attempted to put pressure on him, he wrote on Twitter.

According to Durov, the NSA Agents twice offered bribes to employees working for him. “During the week of our team’s trip to the US last year, US intelligence agencies twice tried to bribe our developers; plus, I was pressured by the FBI,” he reports.

The computer expert Durov emphasizes, this happened “in just one week”. “It would be naive to believe that it is possible to develop an independent or secure cryptosystem in the US,” he feels.

Previously there were concerns by FSB state security about Telegram possibly being blocked inside Russia, due to its superior ability to hide conversations. This has since been proven incorrect and the Russian Federation Ministry of Communications no longer has any objections to Telegram’s use.


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