First appeared at Sputnik

Relations between the United States and Russia have worsened partly because of the pressure exerted by the US military-industrial complex, film director Oliver Stone told Sputnik.

“[Russia-US] relations are dramatic and dangerous,” Stone stated. “Partly, I really believe, that the United States has built-up an industry, the military industrial complex, which requires feeding. To feed such a monster with $6.5 billion a year, you have to create an enemy.”

Stone emphasized that the United States has been trying to find enemies and, moreover, terrorism could also further spread as a reaction to over-militarization of the world.

Stone also said that he, a former soldier and an individual who is knowledgeable of world affairs, believes the current tensions between Russia and the United States are unnecessary.

“Mr. Putin…has not acted in any way to threaten Europe or the United States. This has been blown out of proportion into a major threat like Russia is about to take over the world. It makes no sense now,” Stone said.

He noted that all parties could be focused on fighting Daesh terror group instead.

“Why are we not concentrating on that? Let’s try to make the Middle East calmer,” Stone added.

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