London, United kingdom. A pre dawn fire apartment building fire has become a towering inferno in the heart of England’s capital. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has declared the fire a “major incident,” as fire crews rush to evacuate residents and fight the flames enveloping the forlorn structure.

A huge fire has engulfed a tower block of apartments in West London. The 27 story tall apartment residence saw fire break out shortly before 1am on Wednesday at Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road near Notting Hill.

Firefighting teams, vehicles and firemen were rushed to the scene. Experts say the tower is at least 27 storys high and contains 120 apartments. London fire officials say 200 fire fighters have been tackling the blaze with 40 engines. Other crews are standing by to help, from as far away as Analton and Hedshire.

Paramedics report there have been a number of people treated for a range of injuries according to the London fire brigade. Fire lineman Cyrus Mcalfee said, “Its just total chaos and the heat, it is indeed a force of nature.”

There are multiple reports of people trapped in the blaze as fire fighters go flat to flat, others from special rescue squads are searching for dwellers unaware of the impending doom lurking in the night, only yards away.

Streets around the tower have been sealed off and residents in ther houses evacuated as a further safety measure. The London Fire Brigade say there is no known cause at the moment for the blaze, but experts worry that it could be an act of terror-arson, with experts looking for signs of possible terrorist involvement, it can not be ruled out just yet.

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