Washington, DC. In the land where money talks, Kiev has never had an issue buying what it wants. They have been trolling every lobbyist from Haley Barbour to General Flynn to deliver the holy grail of what Kiev has sought since January, for Trump to meet Poroshenko before, Vladimir Putin.

Having dropped $400,000 to one lobbyist for simply his picture next to Trump, we must question how much Parvo Klemkin has spent for next week’s meeting between Trump and Poroshenko the media is now feeding on.

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is now set to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington sometime before next month’s G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, three Ukrainian officials in Kiev and Washington told News Front today.

American officials, who asked not to be identified because they illegally leaked the news of the meeting and were not authorized to speak publicly about the visit until it was announced officially, said the exact date of the first circle-jerk between the two leaders had not yet been nailed down, but that it would probably occur sometime next week. A girl dating Klimkin tells News Front it will be around the 19-22nd “or so.”

News Front sources said Poroshenko’s administration had accepted an invitation that was extended by the White House, though they were not sure whether the visit would be an official state visit or simply a post toilet “meet and greet,” like the one Julia Timoshenko paid $150,000 for last winter, following a Trump speech.

Questioned whether Trump and Poroshenko would meet next week, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin told Laverne Applebaum via text message that he could “not officially” confirm it, adding a smiley face emoji, being the sneaky, gopnik white-trash he is well known for being in New York diplomatic circles. She in turn shared the message with News Front reporters earlier today.

Klimkin’s office has been working hard, paying every lobbyist in Washington since Trump’s election victory to arrange a meeting between the US head of state and his Ukrainian counterpart. Russian officials had no comment officially, but indicated such reardation as “who meets who first” is only reflective on how desperate Kiev is to project a public image of something they are not; stable.

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