Donetsk shelled by Kiev forces heavily

Donetsk, DNR. The shelling in Donbass continues as does reporting of the crimes of the Kiev regime by Eduard Basurin, Pavel Semchuk and David Simpson in Donetsk. For the past day the Ukrainian armed forces have violated the ceasefire regime 65 times. Bombing nineteen cities and towns in the Donetsk People’s Republic using these weapons systems upon unarmed civilians; Artillery, tanks, mortars, BMP, BTR, grenade launchers and small arms.

The bombardments by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.:
(as of 14th June)
Sakhanka city, person killed Gavrylenko D. 42-died
Born In 1939 (Gunshot, gunshot wound to the head).
Damage city of Kominternovo:
Akhmatova street 15-damaged roofs, glazing windows;
Akhmatova street 18-damaged roofs, glazing windows.

Damage city of Alexandrovka:
School street 13-damaged khozpostroyka;
School street 19-damaged roofs, single-Story Residential building;
School street 73-damaged roofs, single-Story Residential building;
Lenin street 56-damaged roofs, single-Story Residential building;
Lenin street 59-damaged roofs, single-Story Residential building;
Kirova street 4-damaged roofs, single-Story Apartment building.

Damage city of Krutya Balka
October street 26-damaged roofs;
October street 20-house was burned;
Youth street 6/1-house burned down.

Kiev District of Donetsk
Kiev street 52 damaged glazing;
Kiev street 73 sq. 9 DAMAGED GLAZING, walls (Shard 7 CM. Double-glazed ran out on the balcony).
Kuybyshevsky District:
Minin Prospect 23-damaged facade;
Minin Prospect 25-damaged facade, glazing;
Minin Prospect 27-damaged facade;
Minin Prospect 29-damaged facade;
Minin Prospect 40-damaged facade.

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