Shots were fired at a subway station in a suburb of Munich, Bavaria, German police said Tuesday.

The local police tweeted that there had been a shooting incident at the Unterfoehring subway station. As a result, one person was injured.

According to the police, the situation was under control and the area was cordoned off.

The perpetrator shot at a female police officer during an ID check, local media reported.

The woman sustained a serious injury, the Munich police wrote on Twitter. At least four other people were wounded, according to preliminary data. One person was detained.

Bavarian radio cited the police saying that there was “probably no terrorism involved.”

A local reported posted a photo on Twitter showing the situation near the station.

According to eyewitnesses, people fled the scene in panic while 50-60 police officers entered the station.

The police wrote on Twitter that the detained perpetrator had also been injured. There was no evidence that the shooter had accomplices on the scene.

Details to follow…

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