Lugansk, LNR. A pitched battle continues between the Lugansk People’s Militia and Kiev American backed forces fighting near Bakhmut in contested DMZ-gray zones not to be entered until the Minsk accords are settled. Even more disturbing are confirmed reports Canadian Army forces are present and involved in operations there.

Fighting has recently resumed in the Lugansk region near the Bakhmut road gray zone. Identification retrieved indicates Kiev soldiers Illya Kyrychenko, a grenade launcher operator, and Volodymyr Laykov, a 32-year-old machine gunner from Dnipropetrovsk region, were killed. Dozens of Kiev Nazi soldiers were wounded.

The battle happened in territory that does not belong to the Ukrainian army as it has not been settled in diplomatic negotiations. According to the maps of the Minsk agreements, the area of Zholobok may not be controlled by the Ukrainian army or the Bakhmut road area, until all sides agree upon each step of fullfilling the accords. In fact, under current sections of Minsk,even the maneuvers of the Ukrainian army on its own territory are treated as an offensive action in violation of the agreements..

According to LNR military correspondents, the enemy fired at LNR soldiers among the houses in Zholobok. This area is well known after fierce battles for number 31 and 32 blockposts. At the end of 2014, the Armed Forces of Ukraine left the territory of the number 32 roadblock after the announcement of the Minsk agreements when the lines of separation were drawn. In January 2015, the people’s militia of the LNR captured roadblock 31.

Consequently, a sudden surge of reports in the Kiev Poroshenko media about the offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the beginning of shelling and attacks that have killed a large number of civilians in the Kiev occupied areas by the Nazi forces shelling. LNR forces caught between the Kiev forces and their own civilians behind enemy lines, held their fire as Kiev forces killed a number of civilians in their attack.

In urgent updates it is now confirmed by LNR intelligence that Canadian Army observers and troops are involved in the battle. This is a major violation of the Minsk accords, which point 10 does call for ALL foreign troops to be removed from the Ukraine by the OSCE.

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